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Human auras are energy fields that are emanated by and surround human bodies. Most people sense and interpret auras subconsciously to varying degrees depending on their sensitivity to auras. Sensing auras is a generally subconscious normal human perceptual faculty that can be brought into conscious perception by training and repeated use of the faculty as a conscious ability. A relatively very small percentage of humans naturally cognize auras consciously without any deliberate attempt to do so, and in that respect such humans are naturally gifted.

In ordinary life, for example, we may perceive that a particular person has an aura of authority. The recognition of such aura of authority generally includes perception of the person’s body language (posture, etc.), facial and eye expressions and in addition, at a subconscious level, usually a perception of the energy field emanating from the person.

In conscious perception, auras are perceived as a halo of a light-like emanation, usually a mix of certain colors. Each color of the aura has meaning that is often interpreted by our subconscious intuition. Each human’s aura is distinct and unique in terms of its combination of colors and intensity, and that aura can vary slightly depending on the person’s mood and state of health.

Regular exercise of the conscious aura perception can strengthen that perceptive faculty very significantly enabling ready sensing of the aura of self and others.

Ancient paintings and carvings of humans sometimes show a halo or aura around the head and shoulders. This may suggest that humans in ancient times perceived auras more consciously than humans in present times.

Described here are simple ways to consciously see your own aura in a matter of minutes, and that allows the opening of a new dimension of perception.