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Ajit Dixit does not belong to any organized religion or sect but feels very aware of an infinite power of which all are a part. He respects and appreciates all true faiths, spirituality and religions.
He hopes that this website will be fun, interesting and uplifting to all since he believes God is in all and everything. He feels that there is nothing other than God and that everyone and everything is different in form but is God in essence. He hopes to bring about awareness of new dimensions of reality and spirituality.
Despite his busy corporate career, Ajit has been an ardent student of most of the religious and spiritual faiths across the world. He has also been a student of physics and physical phenomena. He believes that a simple awareness of the source of all existence provides peace, happiness and a sense of exaltation.
Ajit’s career includes several senior leadership positions at a number of Fortune 500 companies like Baxter International, Amgen, Medtronic and Allergan. He is currently CEO of CloudIO Inc. and is a Director of Xoriant Corporation. He has a MBA from Miami University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Chennai.